A neuroblog carnival

A blog carnival is a regular blog post containing links to writing on a related topic from other blogs. Hosting of the carnival is rotated on the blogs of the contributors, who are responsible for editing the edition that appears on their blog – that is, having submissions sent to them and deciding which should be included. The carnival has a homepage containing an archive of all editions.

The blog carnival is a relatively new idea with lots of potential. By bringing together related information, carnivals can help us make sense of the chaos that is the internet.

I'd like to experiment by starting a neuroblog carnival. If you blog about neuroscience, and have recently written something that you're proud of, why not contribute to the first edition of the neuroblog carnival by submitting your piece of writing.

Your post can be about any aspect of neuroscience, from molecular to cognitive, theoretical or practical, including exciting new research, theories, techniques or book reviews. By submitting a post from your blog, you'll be showing off your writing as well as promoting your blog.

If you'd like to contribute, please reply to this post with a permanent link to the post on your blog and a short description of your submission. By submitting a blog post which appears in the first edition of the neuroblog carnival, you'll sooner or later edit and host a subsequent edition on your blog. The more contributors there are, the less frequently each will edit and host the carnival.

The deadline for submissions is the last day of the June. If there is enough interest, the first edition of the neuroblog carnival will be posted here on the 1st July, and I will set up and maintain an archive page.

If the idea of a blog carnival is new to you, as it was to me until very recently, the Blog Carnival Index and Tangled Bank are good places to start. The first, as its name suggests, is a categorized index or directory of blog carnivals, the second a good science/ medicine blog carnival. 


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  1. Wow – great minds think alike! A neuroscience carnival is starting this month – the first edition on Pure Pedantry, the second on my blog, etc. It is called The Synapse. Check out my blog for more detail.

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