Microelectromechanical devices: a photo gallery

                       alignmentchip.jpg ig04_dynamometer.jpg

An alignment chip (left) and a dynamometer beam (right).

                               ig04_hinged-polysiliconmirroranddrivemotors.jpg ig04_indexing.jpg

A hinged polysilicon mirror and drive motors (left) and an indexing gear (right).

                               ig04_linear_rack.jpg ig04_linear_rackht.jpg

A close-up of a linear rack (left) and a rack height (right).

                               ig04_spidermiteonmirrordriveassembly.jpg multiplegearspeedreductionunit.jpg

A spider mite standing on a mirror drive assembly (left) and a multiple gear speed reduction unit (right).

                               ig04_torsionalratcheting-actuator.jpg ig04_torsional_angle.jpg

A torsional ratcheting actuator (left) and a close-up of the same device (right).

From Sandia National Laboratories (using SUMMiTTM Technologies), a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defence contractor; “securing a peaceful and free world through technology.”

Footnote: I’m thinking neuroprostheses; they’re thinking WMDs.