Andrew Carnie is a British artist who produces time-based installations which are inspired by science.

The pics below are from Magic Forest, a slide dissolve work using two data projectors and 162 slides. It was produced for Head On,  an exhibition which was partly funded by the Wellcome Trust and held at the Science Museum in 2002. It is the result of a collaboration with Richard Wingate, my ex-Ph.D. supervisor.

       mf8.JPG mf7.JPG

       mf6.JPG mf4.JPG

Below are four images from Complex Brain, another of Carnie’s works, which was shown at the 2004 BA Science Festival. The installation consisted of two data projectors rotating in opposite directions and projecting two films simultaneously onto a large circular screen.

       complex-brain-35-copy.jpg complex-brain-36-copy.jpg

       flora-print-2004-copy.JPG complex-brain-40.jpg

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