Largest 3D map of the cosmos yet

Below are images from the 2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS), the largest three-dimensional full sky survey yet. Conducted by American, Australian and British cosmologists, it took nearly 20 years to complete, and shows the structure of the universe at distances of between 10-600 million light years away, including all the major galaxy superclusters and the immense intergalactic voids, which are believed to consist of dark matter and dark energy. The largest galactic supercluster observed, the Shapley supercluster, is 400 million light years away, and is at least 20 million light years in diameter. The maps are based on the red shift of light emitted from the galaxies as they move away from us.


The image below is a density field reconstruction. The Shapley supercluster is visible towards the top left of the image.


There’s a film clip too:

Update: This composite image of our sister galaxy Andromeda was obtained by NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer and the Spitzer Space Telescope.