Clothes that metamorphose

17639-dr.jpgTurkish designer Hussein Chalayan‘s catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month featured clothes that morph from one style to another.

According to Rob Edkins, director of 2D:3D, the London-based engineering company which designed the motorized underpinnings for the dresses:

[Chalayan] gave us a series of drawings: five dresses which morphed through three decades…With the first dress, the girl walked on in a 1906 costume, and it morphed from 1906 to 1916 and then to 1926. So she ended up having a beaded flapper dress of the twenties. The next dress was from 1926, and it evolved from 1936 to 1946, and so on. The final dress was 1986, 1996, and then 2007…The[y] were driven electronically by controlled, geared motors. We made, for want of a better term, little bum pads for the models. So on their buttocks were some hard containers…[where] we had all the battery packs, controlling chips – the microcontrollers and microswitches – and little geared motors. The motors we used were tiny, about a third of the size of a pencil and nine millimeters in diameter. Each of the motors had a little pulley, and the pulley was then attached to this monofilament wire which was fed through hollow tubes sewn into the corset of the dress.

Unfortunately, they’re not for sale: