Hot off the (Word) press: A new neuroscience blog

neuronsonmea.jpgMinibrains was set up yesterday:

…[to] chart the progress of a project to create a living neural culture capable of controlling a robot in a complex environment. [The goals are] to move towards understanding intelligence and creating truly intelligent behavior in machines; to further understanding of the brain to aid in medical treatments including replacing damaged areas [and] to create biosensor chips to quickly screen new neuro drugs and reduce animal testing.

I’m very interested in this kind of thing, and look forward to hearing a first-hand account of this project.

One thought on “Hot off the (Word) press: A new neuroscience blog

  1. Hey, thanks for the link (I’ve got the RSS feed of this site on my Google homepage). I’m a PhD student although I’ve been given the postdoc RA1B position to work on this project. I just thought it would be nice to keep those interested informed of the progress as there is not much around about the work at Georgia Tech etc, the project doesn’t start until January but hopefully it won’t be long before we have some interesting findings to share. – pending the dept.’s authorisation to release the info of course.
    Kevin Warwick’s Lab, Dept. of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK.

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