The Glasswing Butterfly





The Glasswing butterfly, Greta oto, is a brush-footed butterfly (Nymphalidae family), whose home range extends from Panama to Mexico. This species lays its eggs on plants of the genus Cestrum, which synthesize toxic alkaloids. The butterfly larvae feed on the plants and store the alkaloids in their tissues, making them unpalatable to predators.


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  2. Running a search for these images turned up the following site:

    It’s in Chinese so I wasn’t able to read the photographers name although you can use Google to translate the description.

  3. Why do I only count four legs in all the pictures I encounter for this butterfly(two antennae and one probascis noted). Are the other two camouflaged somehow? In order to be called an insect, six legs are required. Last I heard, butterflies were insects. Do I need to get glasses?

  4. In adult butterflies, the first pair of legs are small or reduced, giving the family the other names of four-footed or brush-footed butterflies.

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