On trial: The cannabis-laced chocolate bar dealers

This is rather inventive:

Marcus Davies, 36, from St Ives, is charged along with gift shop manager Mark Gibson, 42, and his wife Lezley, 42, who has MS, both from Alston, Cumbria. It is alleged they supplied homemade “Canna-Biz” bars by post to patients with multiple sclerosis.


3 thoughts on “On trial: The cannabis-laced chocolate bar dealers

  1. Please don’t say these people are dealers, they gave the chocolate away for free. Visit http://www.thc4ms.org for more infor and sign this…http://www.petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=2001

    Many press reports have been disregarded by the judge for misreporting! Money does not come into this. It was a passionate cause, and a good one for MS patients. A crime for caring and providing free medicine does not deserver 14 years in prison.

  2. I also know that these good people did this for compassion, money wasn’t in the equation.

    Lezley has MS, her husband Mark, is guilty of helping his wife, and many more, Marcus being the webmaster.

    GPs recommended patients to go to them.

    So Please don’t use the word dealers for these people.

    Winston Matthews LCA.

  3. It is a great shame that people like these are being taken to court at all if they were helping relieve suffering for so many people.

    There were no victms and no profit was made. The only people who will profit out of this are the professionals involved with the case – at public expense running into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    If these people are stopped – or if they have been – it will do more harm than good.

    I hope that the jury exercise their rights to rule that the law has been mis-applied and return not guilty verdicts.

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