Was my 100,000th visitor searching for “sex with amputees”?

I had my 100,000th visitor at some point earlier today. Perhaps he or she was one of the three people who found this site after searching for “sex with amputees”:


Out of curiosity I typed “sex with amputees” into Google. My blog wasn’t in the first 5 pages of results for this search term, so the three people who found it by searching for “sex with amputees” must have carried out a pretty thorough search. These posts must have been among the search results:

With the title of this post, my blog is now optimized for the search term “sex with amputees”, so I’ll probably get a few more visitors searching for that term. If you are here after searching for something about sex with amputees, I recommend a 1996 film called Crash, directed by David Cronenberg.


7 thoughts on “Was my 100,000th visitor searching for “sex with amputees”?

  1. I may go out on a limb here but after publishing this article your blog almost certain now will come up top 5 in all search engines when people are looking for “sex with amputees”.

  2. I came heare searching for that. I know, I know, all the morals and stuff. but if i have a brain then Ill think… now what comes into it, I dont know. But whatever, I have arthritis myself and that must have played a role…

    But I am bookmarking your blog. I love the topics: Quantum mech of smell, brain limits our ability to multi task! Nice ones 🙂

  3. Well, I am a young woman who was born without a right leg. I was searching for information that provides support to other people similar to myself. I might be missing a limb, but I have been told by many that I am a beautiful woman with a sex drive. I am searching to see if there are others out there similar to myself who have confidence and an interest to see if there are articles about amputees that does not make them out to be weak or pitiful because I sure know I’m not. Anyone know of any who are just seen as “regular” people?

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