The world’s most advanced bionic hand

Scotsman Donald MacKillop, who lost his right hand in an industrial accident nearly 30 years ago, is the first recipient of what is being called the most advanced prosthetic hand in the world.

The i-LIMB prosthetic hand was developed by Touch Bionics, a technology company based in Scotland. The thumb and three digits are powered individually; the little finger is slaved to the third finger. The thumb can rotate, so that the hand can perform the three most common grip configurations of the human hand. The digits can be articulated to hold a mug and the thumb can be held against the phalange of the index finger to hold a key, or against the first and second digits to grasp a pen.


The Touch Bionic prosthesis is therefore anatomically more similar to that of a human than any previous prosthetic hand. It is even covered with high definition silicon rubber to give the appearance of a real hand.

“It’s unbelievable,” says MacKillop. “You can do anything with it. The fact that the fingers can wrap round things, makes life much, much easier.”

In this film clip, the i-LIMB hand is being used to fasten a neck tie:


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  1. hi,i am doin BE in biomedical and instrumentation engg.i want to know more about bionic hand ,how it works,advantages and disadvantages and the institutions who provide teaching to make projects on any bionic hand ,limb,eye will be my pleasure if u tell me.thank u.

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  3. hi ,i am doing engireering in mechanical nad i am keen to know as how they are able to make a wireless communication between the nerves and the hand or leg .

  4. I was born with a deformed hand, and I ma very intersested in getting one of these bionic hands, the thing is I dont need or want the arm extension. Is there any way to just get the hand and not the arm part?

  5. I’m a novelist (optioned by Paramount) building a character who has a bionic hand. He’s a tree trimmer. What’s the weight limitation of a tool he might use, for instance a chain saw or hand saw? Can he throw a line over a branch with it? If he’s using the hand in manual labor, does the battery run down faster? Is it waterproof? Could he run a boat or swim with it? What about washing dishes? Does he have any feeling in it? If he’s in the dark and touches something, would he feel it? What’s the size and the weight of the battery? Does it have a battery pack if you forget to charge it? Do you know anyone who has one who might clue me in?

    Many thanks

  6. Respected sir

    i was more towards intrested in bionic hand please can you give me the details of cost and address in pakistan.

    thanking you

    with regards

    Dr. omar shareef

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