An anthology of the best science blogging of 2006

Bora has asked his readers to help him compile a list of the best science blog posts of 2006. The response was so overwhelming that he has now asked a number of people, including myself, to read through the list of suggestions and give each one a rating. The 50 posts with the highest ratings will be collected in a book to be published by at the end of January. Below is a list of most of the posts that have been suggested so far.

UPDATE (January 4th, 2007): The complete list of suggestions is here.
UPDATE (January 8th, 2007): The 50 posts selected for publication in the book (including this one from me!) are here.

2 thoughts on “An anthology of the best science blogging of 2006

  1. And to think I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough reading material to see me through the holidays … I’ll still be working my way through this lot on Australia Day.

    Happy 2007.

  2. Thanks for assembling this list. What a great resource! There was a huge surge in popular science books in the mid 90’s, but that wave crashed around 2000. Hopefully we’re seeing a resurgence in the form of “pop science” blogs.

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