New neuroscience carnivals

There are two new neuroscience carnivals starting this month. The first editions of Brain Blogging and the Carnival of Brain Fitness will be at GNIF Brain Blogger on January 6th, and SharpBrains, respectively.

Shaheen (of Brain Blogger) and Alvaro (of SharpBrains) may not know that Jake and I decided to merge The Synapse with Encephalon due to a decline in the number of submissions to both carnivals. Getting enough entries for two fortnightly neuroscience carnivals was difficult, so I’m not sure if having 3 carnivals is such a good idea. Time will tell.

Neurevolution, is a blog “chronicling the cognitive revolution in neuroscience”. It was started yesterday by Michael W. Cole and Patryck A. Laurent, who are both in the neuroscience Ph.D. program at the University of Pittsburgh.

One thought on “New neuroscience carnivals

  1. Hi MC 🙂 I can imagine your face…(no need to be Paul Elkman…)

    Let me make a clarification
    – Yes, I am aware you merged those 2 carnivals
    – Which I think was a great idea, and we are not trying to create another neuroscience carnival. Caroline and I felt the need to include in the dialogue people outside neuroscience, and encourage people from education, health, personal development blogs to contribute to the carnival of brain fitness. It may work or not-we will see
    – With that in mind, we categorized it under Health, Medicine and Fitness
    – Where we welcome posts by neuroscience-blogs that touch on brain health, cognitive skills, exercise…we have seen great posts in Frontal Cortex, Mixing Memory, Developing Intelligence, Cognitive Daily and others that would be relevant
    – It is a monthly carnival, to help with submissions. For the inaugural issue, the posts don’t need to be new

    And thanks for the lead to Neurevolution-looks very interesting

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