Neuro-death metal

1164536395_m.jpgThat’s right! Encephalon must be the only blog carnival with it’s own death metal band! There’s a Portugese band that goes by the same name. In a comment left on the carnival homepage, they describe their music as “neuro-death metal”.

Encephalon have a self-released EP called Neuropathology, recorded last September. Along with the title track, the EP has four others: Forebrain, Mr. Cortex Assassin, Neuroblast Fenomenon and – my personal favourite – The Cerebrospinal fluid of a cranial disease.

Encephalon consists of vocalist Diogo, drummer Nogueira, bassist Lamas and guitarists Chico and Pedro. Their influences include bands such as Carcass, Vile, Dying Fetus, Death, Blood Bath and Ultra Vomit.

Here’s a film clip of Encephalon recording the intro to The CSF. I’m not a death metal fan, but I find this quite exhilerating:

“Welcome to Encephalon! Long life to the neurologic grind!”

The next edition of Encephalon will be at Mixing Memory on 15th January. If you’d like to contribute, please email your submission(s) to encephalon{dot}host{@}gmail{dot}com.