The Science Blogging Anthology is published!

open-laboratory-cover-image.jpgThe Science Blogging Anthology has just been published and is now available for purchase at The blook*, called The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2006, can be downloaded as a PDF for just £4.69 ($8.69), or bought in paperback for £10.99 ($19.95).

The Open Laboratory is a whopping 336 pages of the best science writing on the web. Its publication is a momentous occasion, and I’m very proud to have one of my essays included in it. Most of the blook’s content can, of course, be read online, but I hope that some of you will decide to buy a hard copy. When it comes to reading, I’m most definitely a traditionalist – I’d much rather have a copy of a book or a journal in my hands than spend hours staring at a computer screen, and I’ve just ordered two copies of The Open Laboratory for myself.

The entire process of getting the anthology in print took less than a month. On December 22nd, Bora posted a request for his readers to help him compile a list of their favourite science blog posts. After being inundated with suggestions, he asked 12 people (Janet, Karmen, Jennifer, Jenna, John, Bill, Carl, Leo, John, Heinrich, myself and an anonymous reviewer) to help him decide which 50 posts should be included. Alun designed the beautiful cover, and Anton was responsible for the layout. It’s even more remarkable how quickly the anthology got into print considering that all this all happened during the Christmas holidays.

Thank you to everyone involved (especially Bora) for making it happen. Buy your copy here!

Update (January 23rd, 2007): Nature interviews Bora about the book. 

* This is not a typographical error! ‘Blook’ is a word denoting a book consisting of content originally published on a weblog.