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I’m always finding great blogs and adding them to my Google reader account. I’m now subscribed to over 1,000 RSS feeds, but I don’t want a blogroll that’s as long as this one or this one, so instead I’ll write an occasional post linking to some of the new blogs I’ve found. (Actually, I’ve already done this a few times.)

So here are a few of the blogs I’ve recently added to my feed reader:

Memoirs of a postgrad – “Thoughts, notes and commentaries on my way through a research degree in the field of cybernetics intelligence.”

Neural Spike – “I’m a RA in the Pierre Jolicoeur’s Lab in the CERNEC at University of Montréal. I’m finishing me bachelor in psychology this semester, then I’ll start my master in this lab next septembre [sic]. I’ll use this blog…as a personnal blog relating my own life as RA in the lab [and]…to publish my idea on my lecture, my work and others stuff [sic]. In fact, I’ll use this blog to help me to remember the stuff I’m learning in the lab.”

Earth, Wind & Water – “Musings on life on earth, in the air and under the water, direct from an amateur naturalist and photographer on an island somewhere in the Caribbean.” (This is where I found the fantastic photograph above; it contains many more.)

Eclectic Esoteric – “I’ll mention whatever pops into my head; the good, the bad, and the ugly.” (You’ve got to a love a blog whose author puts your RSS feed in the sidebar!)

ScienceRoll – “A medical student’s journey inside genetics and medicine.” (This blog got a special mention in Medgadget’s recent Medical Blog Awards.)

And last, but not least, this quickly became one of my new favourites:

Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society – “Our interests extend to the wondrous, the curious, the singular, the esoteric, and the sometimes hazy frontier between the plausible and the implausible — anything that Father Kircher might find inspiring if he were alive today. Records of our proceedings are maintained for the public’s edification.”


2 thoughts on “New additions to my feed reader

  1. Gareth, I have a Bloglines account too, but raraely use it.

    You say that “with over a 1000 feeds it might be a good idea” to share them. I don’t see why that is, but I’ve been planning to do it anyway.

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