The mind-reading wheelchair

From Wired:

Spanish scientists have begun work on a new brain-computer interface, or BCI, capable of converting thought into commands that a wheelchair can execute…The Spanish researchers hope to develop a small, mobile interface that works with electroencephalogram electrodes, or EEG, placed on the scalp…Two 800-MHz Intel computers mounted on the wheelchair will process these readings and send instructions to the wheels. After about a week’s training the software will adapt to patients’ thought patterns for simple commands such as “left” and “right.”

Javier Minguez, a researcher at the University of Zaragoza’s Computer Science and Systems Engineering department, says that he and his colleagues plan to use the device at a school for disabled children. The work is part of the “Biomedical Evaluation of Robots to Assist Human Mobility” project, in which the Spanish government has invested 180,000 Euros.