Neuroscience blogs

Includes cognitive science, psychology and psychiatry weblogs, except those in the blogroll. (Recommended blogs are marked with an asterisk.)

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  1. I created an opml file for the *’d feeds. Also, I noticed that “The Mouse Trap” doesn’t have a url but I found it here: (that blog is included in the opml file)

    opml file

    Feel free to steal this and host it here.. or make it better, or whatever. It doesn’t have anything fancy like titles but it’s a handy way to import the feeds to whatever reader you use. Enjoy!

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  9. Great job! This is a difficult to find list. I am a blog editor at This is a blog related to neurosciences and bioinformatics along with the implementation of computers in the process of learning, evolving and neurointegrating. This blog is updated in nearly daily basis and hosts up-to-date information based on published materials.

    Could you please review it and decide if there is a place for it a your list ?


    Aristotelis Filippidis

  10. Please, visit our neuroscience blog at and while you’re at it, also take a look at which is the website of CNCN The Network; an iniative to faciliate communication and enhance collaboration between neuroscience researchers.



    P.S. Is it possible to add our blog ( to this list?

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