Natural history blogs

Includes conservation, ecology, environment, geology, nature art/ photography/ writing, ornithology and palaeontology. (Weblogs marked with an asterisk are highly recommended.)


15 thoughts on “Natural history blogs

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  3. G’day MC,

    I always knew that natural history as a topic was high on people’s list of interests, but this extensive list has proved the point. These are people with a passion for the subject who take time to write about what excites them. I’ve been lucky enough to work with natural history and wildilfe documentaries all my life, and despite the demands and vagaries of the superficial television world, my interest in the raw subject matter has never lessened. I’d love to join your illustrious company, if you think my blog is appropriate.
    Greetings from a frosty wintry deep deep south (almost the southernmost city in the world –
    Dunedin, NZ)
    Rosi Crane

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