Podcast: Interview with Marc Hauser

marcoz.jpgThis podcast features an interview with Marc Hauser, head of the Cognitive Evolution Laboratory at Harvard University. In the interview, Hauser discusses his recently published book, Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong.

The central idea of Hauser’s book is that humans have an innate capacity for moral judgement. This is based on MIT linguist Noam Chomksy’s theory of universal grammar, according to which, all languages have a common structural basis, consisting of a set of rules that are hardwired in the brain.

Here’s a review of Moral Minds from the New York Times.


(From New Scientist)

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Interview with Marc Hauser

  1. I think Marc Hauser’s book is enjoyable. It is as if he took ethics out for a spin -or maybe a case of joyriding? While impressed by his eclecticism, and all those neat rules and principles, I could not find evidence for a hard-wire explanation for morality. Though I am a Humean – I do like Aristotle..and he was not mentioned. Why are Polar bears more aggressive than Brown bears…? Are they less ethical?

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