A suggestion for the birthday boy

PZ Myers is 50 years old today, so head over to Pharyngula and wish him a happy birthday. I’ve met PZ, and happen to know that he’s obsessed with cephalopods. So I think he’ll appreciate this bit of advice.

PZ should grow his facial hair and tweak it so that it looks like this guy’s:


Not only would he become a very strong contender in the World Beard and Moustache Championships, but he’d also have an uncanny resemblance to the Antarctic octopus:

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The Antarctic octopus, Paraledone turqueti. (© J. Gutt/Alfred-Wegener-Institute.)

I imagine that, when one reaches such an advanced age, physical activity may prove to be somewhat strenuous. I’ve found a birthday present which would minimize the activity required for one of PZ’s pastimes – drinking beer. It’s a device that will enable him to drink to his heart’s content, without the inconvenience of having to get out of his seat – the robotic beer-launching mini-fridge!

Happy birthday PZ!

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2 thoughts on “A suggestion for the birthday boy

  1. Umm… that last juxtaposition had me imagining the Antarctic Octopus pelting PZ with cans of beer! (Iceberg-cold, of course!) 🙂

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