Try the Google Earth widget

This new geotagging widget is incredible. Why not try it out – it’s at the bottom of the sidebar on the right. You might be able to locate the building you’re in right now, as I’ve done. You might also care to leave a comment while you’re there! I can think of no better way to find out more about you, my readers. Find the vicinity of your location, then click on it twice. This puts a marker in the middle of the screen which you can then zoom in on before pinpointing the location more accurately. If this is what’s available for anyone with access to the internet, just imagine the kind of technology the CIA has.

Update: This widget has been removed during testing of the new theme.


6 thoughts on “Try the Google Earth widget

  1. Unbelievable!! I’m in the middle of nowhere and yet I could send the detailed coordinates to bomb my neighbors house with this thing. Scary to know what the state of the art is!!

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