Science cartoon contest

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Via Sequitur, the Science Idol Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest:

We’re looking for your creative take on the issue of political interference in science. Submit one-panel or multi-panel print cartoons that address the misuse of science on a specific issue or in general…Whether you are a scientist, an artist, a college student or professor, or a high school student, your cartoons will help us restore scientific integrity to federal policy making.

we are especially interested in cartoons that focus on the recent actions the White House has taken to centralize decision-making authority…We’d also like cartoons that examine possible solutions to this wide-spread problem, including steps the next president might take to restore scientific integrity.

The contest, which is organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists, is open only to American cartoonists. The closing date is May 22nd. At the top is one of last year’s entries, by Reva Sharp from Warren, PA.

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