The Royal Society science book prize

gp07-longlist-vstack-270.jpgThe Royal Society has announced the titles shortlisted for its 2007 General Prize for science books. The award – which was known as the Rhone-Poulenc prize between 1990-1999, and was sponsored by Aventis from 2000 until last year – is considered as the Booker Prize for science writing.

Four of the six shortlisted books were written by practising scientists, and the other two are by science writers. The topics covered in the shortlisted books include psychology, human evolution, biodiversity and medicine. There’s also a book about neurobiology – In Search of Memory by Eric Kandel, which I reviewed last summer.

The six shortlisted titles are:

  • Homo Britannicus, by Chris Stringer (Penguin Allen Lane)
  • In Search of Memory, by Eric R. Kandel (WW Norton & Co.)
  • Lonesome George, by Henry Nicholls (Macmillan)
  • One in Three, by Adam Wishart (Profile Books)
  • Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert (Harper Press)
  • The Rough Guide to Climate Change, by Robert Henson (Rough Guides)

All six authors will receive £1,000. The winner, who will be announced on May 15th, will receive £10,000.

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