The world’s first trillion pixel image


Medical imaging company Aperio has created the world’s first terapixel image:

Aperio’s ScanScope® slide scanning systems create digital images of entire microscope slides at gigapixel resolution in minutes. These digital slide images are very large, with dimensions that routinely exceed 100,000 x 100,000 pixels. The TIFF standard is perfect for storing digital slides – it is an open standard supported by a large number of applications on a wide variety of platforms. Until recently TIFF files were limited in size to 4GB, or about 30 gigapixels. With BigTIFF support it is now possible to store images of all sizes, including those larger than 4GB, in the TIFF format.

This image is over one million pixels wide, and consists of 225 copies of a breast cancer digital slide combined together. This amazing terapixel image was compressed into a TIFF file size of 143GB. The image may be viewed in any standard web browser using Aperio’s image viewing technology.

(via Medgadget)