Prosthetic limbs, circa 1924


Via Modern Mechanix comes this ad for artificial limbs, from the March 1924 issue of Popular Mechanics:

Those who wear them say:

ERICKSON LEGS are Wonderful because they do not chafe, overheat or draw end of stump.

“If I hadn’t been all through it myself, I wouldn’t have the assurance to tell you to “cheer up.”

If you have a had a recent amputationsend for new booklet on TEST LEGS for beginners.

38-A Washington Av. N.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Minnesota was in an ideal location to provide huge amounts of timber for the booming Midwest, and Minneapolis had a thriving sawmilling industry during the mid- to late ninteenth century. The first sawmill was constructed in 1821, and construction of the mills reached its peak in the mid-1860s. Timber obtained from the pineries in north and east Minnesota was processed and taken to market along the Mississippi and Rum rivers. Initially, the mills were powered by water from St. Anthony Falls; later, they were powered by steam. Because of the amounts of timber involved, fire was a major risk. Presumably, workers also risked losing limbs while using the up and down saws and the circular saws that eventually replaced them.