French-English translator needed

Id really appreciate a faithful English translation of Amroise Pare’s description of his mechanical artificial hand.


2 thoughts on “French-English translator needed

  1. (old French)
    Description of the iron hand.
    1. Sprockets attached to each finger, part of the fingers themselves, added and assembled from the back of the hand.
    2. Metal shaft going thru the center of the sprockets, upon which they turn.
    3. Trigger to hold (make firm) each finger.
    4. Stoppers for the triggers, with a pin in the center, to receive the triggers.
    5. Main trigger to open the 4 smaller triggers, which hold the fingers.
    6. Button at the end of the main trigger; push to open the hand.
    7. Spring under the main trigger, which makes it go back, and keeps the hand closed.
    8. Springs for each finger, which make the fingers go back and open when closed.
    9. Blades of the fingers.

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