Psychoanalysis by email

Via email: International Psychoanalysis.

Specially for Caledonian, who was disappointed that I didn’t explicitly state the unscientific nature of Sigmund Freud’s theories in my post about the psychology of Alfred Hitchcock.


2 thoughts on “Psychoanalysis by email

  1. What do you think of recent attempts to marry (or vindicate) psychonalysis with neuroscience? I don’t have personal acquaintance with the stuff, but friends of mine are infatuated with it. I’m thinking of people like Allan Schore and Peter Fonagy.

  2. I’d never heard of either of these guys, so I can’t really comment. But, despite my scepticism about Freud and psychoanalysis, I think their work is worth looking into. Anything that aims to make pscyhiatry more scientific MUST be good.

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