Mahjong-induced epilepsy


Resident ScienceBlogs psychiatrist Joseph has found some interesting papers about various types of cognition-induced epilepsy, including this one from the Hong Kong Medical Journal:

Mah-jong induced seizures: case reports and review of twenty-three patients.

Chang, R. S. K., et al.

‘Mah-jong epilepsy’ is a rare reflex epilepsy syndrome, manifesting as recurrent epileptic seizures triggered by either playing or just watching mah-jong. We present three patients with this condition and review all the reported cases. Mah-jong-induced seizures can be considered a subtype of cognition-induced epilepsy. Nonetheless, these patients have distinctive clinical and electrophysiological features: late age of onset, different seizure patterns, single seizure-trigger, lack of spontaneous seizures, and electroencephalographic findings not supportive of idiopathic generalised epilepsy. The pathophysiological mechanism underlying mah-jong-induced seizures may be different from the other cognition-associated reflex epileptic phenomena.