Psychologists complicit in torture

Vaughan discusses the recent revelations that psychologists play a key role in military “interrogations”, and provides plenty of links about the subject, including this article from Vanity Fair about two psychologists who developed torture techniques for the CIA.

As I have mentioned, my father was tortured during his time as a political prisoner in Egypt in the  late 1950s. So campaigning against this abhorent practice is something that I’m extremely passionate about.


4 thoughts on “Psychologists complicit in torture

  1. Here in Panama, our new minister of Education was discovered to be a psychologist working at the School of the Americas (where latinamerican military were trained in torture techniques by the US)

  2. I recall that a couple of years ago, someone in our department displayed a job posting from the CIA looking for psychologists. The language was quite interesting: they intimated (without saying it directly) that the people who apply should be aware that they would be in some ethically sticky situations…

  3. Since you are passionate about campaigning against torture. And since you mentioned your father, that he was tortured in Egypt back in the 50s.
    Well, torture is still practiced here (Egypt) by the state. And somehow, in the recent couple of years, thanks to mobile phones and weblogs etc, the practice is being exposed and there are more people becoming aware and more local campaigning for the issue.

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