The DARPATech Conference


Slate Magazine has a report from the DARPATech conference, containing details of the contraptions under development by those mad Pentagon scientists, including the robotic surgeon trauma pod and this prosthetic arm:

At one display area, a pair of armless volunteers and a young veteran missing his right hand demonstrate some fancy new models. We don’t yet have bionic arms that hook up directly to the cortex, but one machine uses electrical signals from the muscle tissue remaining in a patient’s stump to drive a mechanical hand: After extended training, the veteran could open and close his metal grip by imagining the movements. Another makes use of a foot-operated control mechanism hidden in a normal-looking shoe.

(Via DefenseTech)


One thought on “The DARPATech Conference

  1. We may not have prosthetics that are wired directly into the cortex quite yet, but I recall a segment on NPR about a chip being implanted into a monkey, that controlled a robotic arm. These advances are really exciting. I’m just waiting for the full body cyber-suit, controlled by the power of the mind.

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