The Enemies of Reason, Part 2

In his Channel 4 documentary The Enemies of Reason, Richard Dawkins attacks what he rightly regards as an epidemic of irrational thinking, or, as he puts it, humanity’s “retreat into the fog of the superstitious past.”

He notes, for example, that 25% of the British population believe in astrology, and that more column inches in British newspapers are devoted horoscopes than to science.

In a manner which I found at times to be highly amusing, Dawkins debunks astrologists, psychics, tarot card readers, and purveyors of alternative therapies.

Watch part 2 of The Enemies of Reason below.


4 thoughts on “The Enemies of Reason, Part 2

  1. Since Creationists demand equal time in the classroom for Intelligent Design as for Evolution by Natural Selection, here’s my modest proposal.
    We should petition to get a law passed that every newspaper which prints an Astrology column MUST also print an Astronomy column.

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