Phantom erection after penis amputation

This paper appeared in the February 1999 issue of the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences:

Phantom erection after amputation of penis. Case description and review of the relevant literature on phantoms.

Fisher C. M., Neurology Service, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 02114, USA.

BACKGROUND: Perception of a phantom limb is frequent after an amputation of an upper or lower extremity. Phantom penis is reported infrequently.

METHOD: Case description and literature review.

RESULT: The phenomenon of phantom penis followed total penectomy. Several aspects were unusual, particularly the existence with phantom only in the erect state, and associated recrudescence of a preoperative painful ulcer. General features of limb phantoms after amputation are reviewed including a resume of recent studies of cortical reorganization. The phantom process is analyzed looking for clues to the nature of the underlying neural organization. The puzzle of phantom pain is briefly touched on.

CONCLUSION: The development of the phantom is attributed to activity in the deafferented parietal sensory cortex.

What could be more frustrating than having one’s penis amputated and then thinking that one has an erection?

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    Severence Pain
    Jonathan Vos Post
    Sometimes after amputation the patient thinks he feels a phantom limb, same time,
    same place, same channel, where there is pale air only. A man with a splinter
    underneath his fingernail was driving to a doctor to extract it
    when a car crash cut his arm off. After the pain
    of the accident, he ached incurably from
    the phantom splinter in his
    phantom hand.
    [12 Sep 1974]

  2. I am a MALE Massage Therapy student doing a report on amputation and came across this page I have to say I feel sorry for this man and you all should be ashamed for making such off color comments.

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