The art of brain waves


Bill Scott uses electroencephalogram (EEG) data to create computer-generated images like this one.

(Via Dr. Karen


5 thoughts on “The art of brain waves

  1. I don´t know if this is the case but, it would be fantastic to record the activity of the primary visual cortex and asosciated specialised areas in visual perception, during the perception of those awesome images precisely.

  2. Hi Anibal:
    That is what Bill Scott uses the images for!
    He uses them during brain-based biofeedback (neuorofeedback) training. So if you are being trained, you have both auditory feedback and these images shifting as visual feedback.
    Very cool —
    Dr. Karen

  3. hello there, i stumbled across your site via the eeg art, amazing, i’m an artist myself in many forms but to manifest brain waves into a visual dance is just..Well inspiring. i’ve been taking a deeper look into brain waves recently, theta to be exact, there is definatly something to it, i’m more on the non scientific side of science. but every science needs a scientist right? unfortunately i have no scientific schooling the only resources i have are my books and my life. great job with pushing things past the obvious, i hope you can really figure something out. thanks for such beautiful thinking.
    wishing he had an eeg machine…
    Kyle Kanter

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