Neurological alphabet fridge magnets


A is for Amygdala

B is for Brainstem

C is for Cerebellum

D is for Diencephalon

E is for Epithalamus

F is for Frontal lobe

G is for Gray matter

H is for Hypothalamus

I is for Interbrain

J is for Joints of Luschka

K is for Kolliker’s reticulum

L is for Lateral sulcus

M is for Medulla oblongata

N is for Neuroglia

O is for Occipital lobe

P is for Pons

Q is for Corpora Quadrigemina

R is for Reticular formation

S is for Somatic sensory area (within Parietal lobe)

T is for Temporal lobe

U is for Unclassified tumor, malignant

V is for Visual cortex

W is for White matter

X is for X-ray

Y is for Yolk sac tumor

Z is for Zygomatic fracture

(Via Science Creative Quarterly


2 thoughts on “Neurological alphabet fridge magnets

  1. Hello,
    Another blogger has sent me a link to your post “Neurological alphabet fridge magnets” asking for more information about my “Baby, Be A Brain Surgeon!” painted tile series, featured on The Science Creative Quarterly this Tues., Sept. 11.
    Although perhaps the images of the tiles should be printed on lighter material, laminated, and hot-glued to magnets, “Baby, Be A Brain Surgeon!” is currently composed of oil paint on 4.25″ x 4.25″ ceramic tiles, as reflected on my blog (I first wrote about these on my art blog here, and also list the artwork for sale under these specifications on my website here.)
    With all due respect, you would need mighty strong magnets to affix this series to a fridge.
    Best regards,
    Katelyn Sack, Artist

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