Tune in to PsychAntenna

Gareth Furber, author of the PsychSplash blog, has just launched a new website called PsychAntenna:

…an ever-growing showcase of psychology-related websites, blogs, podcasts and journals that utilize RSS to broadcast their content, [whose] goal is to help clinicians, researchers and students…to utilize RSS more efficiently and locate the best resources to keep them up-to-date in their respective areas of interest. 


One thought on “Tune in to PsychAntenna

  1. Hi Neurophilosopher – thanks for the plug! It reminds me that I need to get your blog into the database. I just entered #77 but the list grows faster than I can enter them. With journals, podcasts and blogs in this area, I am expecting the list to be over 500. Your blog is looking sweet in its new home.

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