A robot with realistic facial expressions


The Wakeda-Docomo Face robot 2 (WD-2), developed by mechanical engineer Atsuo Takanishi and his colleagues of Waseda University in Japan, can make and switch between various facial expressions, all of which are very realistic.

The robot consists of an elastic mask whose morphing is controlled by 17 shafts, each of which is driven by a motorized pulley and slide screw. The shape of the mask can be modified according to data of human faces collected by a 3D scanner. Photographs of faces can also be projected onto the mask.

Watch the WD-2 face robot in action here and here.


3 thoughts on “A robot with realistic facial expressions

  1. That ain’t nothin’. The robot Rove deployed at the White House for the last State of the Union address was ten times more realistic. They still need to sort out the grammar/pronunciation program and fix the shifty eyes, though.

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