Speaker needed for TBI seminar

I got this email yesterday, and am posting it here on the off chance that a reader might be able to help out.

I thought that the article on traumatic brain injury on the front line was most fascinating and I was hoping you might know of speakers in New York who might be able to speak on the subject. I am from 1199SEIU League Training and Upgrading Fund, the largest non-profit education and training orgnization of healthcare workers in the United States, covering over 350 employers and approximately 275,000 healthcare employees. The development and delivery of these seminars reflect a major educational outreach that has been undertaken by the Fund. Past programs have enrolled almost 800 healthcare professionals at one time.  

Our Rad[iologic] Technology Education committee has the tentative working title for a seminar called “What the Iraq War has Taught us about Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury Seminar” to be held on Wednesday, October 31, 2007, this would take place from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.  We are looking for an experienced presenter who would be able to talk about what they have recently learned about diagnosing TBI in our most recent conflicts, particularly in the context of Image Technology.  We were hoping to invite a veteran medical professional with experience in brain trauma to contrast their experiences; they are sadly of course very busy at this time. We welcome ideas on how you might want to elaborate on this theme, or suggestions you might have for speakers. The program will be presented in the NYC area, and we can afford a modest honorarium.


Eric Johnson,

Program Specialist