Weekend photoblogging


In this inaugural weekend photoblogging post, I give you this photograph of Beit el-Din Palace, which I took on a trip to Lebanon about 5 years ago.

Beit el-Din (which translates as “House of Religion”) is in the Chouf region of Lebanon, about 50 km southwest of Beirut. The Chouf is the heartland of the Druze, a sub-Shi’ite sect that developed in the 10th Century.


2 thoughts on “Weekend photoblogging

  1. What a beautiful shot, and how symbolic. Coming from the dark into the light, the lofty repeating arches and the hint of the garden of paradise in the distance. Are you sure you’re an atheist?

  2. That’s interesting, that Beit el-Din translates as “House of Religion.” I assume that’s Arabic? I think that in Hebrew it would mean “House of the Judgment of God.” (A “beit din” is a rabbinical court.)

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