Envisioning Science


(Photo by Felice Frankel

Reseacher, author and science photographer Felice Frankel is the winner of this year’s Lennart Nilsson Award for Medical, Technical and Scientific Photography.

Frankel is a researcher at MIT and a senior research fellow at Harvard University’s Faculty of the Arts and Sciences, where she is head of the Envisioning Science Program, which emphasizes the use of images to communicate science.

Frankel has written several books on this subject (the latest one, called Envisioning Science, was published by MIT Press in 2002), and some of her writing on it can be found in her column for American Scientist magazine.

More of Frankel’s photographs can be seen on the Lennart Nilsson Award website, and in this recent article from the NY Times. And here are some photos by Satoshi Kuribayashi, the winner of last year’s award.  


2 thoughts on “Envisioning Science

  1. From the award website: Those viewing her images are initially captivated by their form and colour. No sooner is their curiosity aroused than they want to know what the photograph depicts. She has thus fulfilled a scientific reporter’s paramount task: to awaken people’s interest and desire to learn.
    I’ll agree with that; however, the Lennart Nilsson folks have frustrated me (and many others, I’d guess) by failing to provide captions or any other explanation of the photos. Disappointing. I’d really like to know what I’m seeing.

  2. The link to the Lennart site isn’t working at the moment so I haven’t seen Frankel’s images yet. Kuribayashi is fantastic. I’m showing those galleries on his site to my grandson. We share a fascination with bugs and other backyard wildlife.

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