New channels & a new blog

If you haven’t noticed already, the ScienceBlogs homepage has changed somewhat. The list of channels has changed, and the homepage for each channel has been redesigned.

This means that you’ll have to resubscribe to the new channels to get the content you want in your feed reader. For example, posts that would previously have gone into the Brain and Behaviour channel (including most of the content of this blog) will now be in the new Life Science channel.

If you take a look at the landing page for each channel, you’ll notice that there’s an image at the top. If you’d like your own science-, nature- or technology-related photographs to be featured on ScienceBlogs, you can submit them to photos{at} scienceblogs{dot}com. The images should be at least 465 pixels wide, and you should have the rights to them.

You can also submit links to your photos on Flickr, or simply tag the Flickr photo you’d like to have featured with “Sb-homepage”. Either way, you should include a line of text stating that you have given permission for the photo to be used, and also state how you’d like to be credited. If you have a blog or webiste, you can also submit a link to it, which will appear with the credit.

More details about the new channels can be found at Page 3.14. Feel free to express your opinions about the changes, as the ScienceBlogs editors will probably use your feedback to make further improvements to the homepage.

Also, the Laelaps blog has just moved to ScienceBlogs. The author of the new addition is Brian Switek, who is finishing off his Ph.D. B.Sc. in paeleontology at Rutgers University. A couple of weeks ago, I linked to an excellent post about horse evolution on the old Laelaps site.


One thought on “New channels & a new blog

  1. Thank you, again, for the link and the kind words! I do have something of a small correction though; I’m not a graduate student. I’m still working on my BS from Rutgers, which I should hopefully receive in October of 2008. I wish I was a PhD student, though, although whether I’ll be able to get into grad school or not will be a struggle for another time.

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