A real physicist discusses the new quantum consciousness model

Physicist Chad Orzel, who knows a lot more than I do about the mysterious world of quantum mechanics, criticizes the new model of quantum consciousness proposed by Efstratios Manousakis, which I described recently.


5 thoughts on “A real physicist discusses the new quantum consciousness model

  1. “Particle physicist Chad Orzel”?
    Since he periodically makes comments about particle physics getting more attention than subfields like his own, I’m sure he’ll be amused to see that one 😉

  2. Oops! Thanks Colst. I’ve deleted the amusing “particle”. But I’m certain that Chad told me about his particle physics research when we met in New York earlier this year. Maybe that was his Ph.D. he told me about.

  3. Well, atoms are particles, sort of…
    My current research project has some connections to efforts to detect dark matter and neutrinos, which is probably what we talked about. I don’t work with those myself, though– I stick to whole atoms.

  4. I don’t hate to be an, “I told you so …”
    Leaping and flying …
    “All right now students, compare and contrast …”
    And millions of innocent young people are bamboozled and brain damaged by pompous paid academics.
    No, not law school …

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