Did I just lose half of my subscribers?

This morning, I noticed that the number of subscribers displayed in my feed count (the orange rectangle on the left) had dropped drastically, from more than 800 to 415, and started wondering why my readers are unsubscribing en masse from my RSS feed. But it turns out that there has been a glitch in the subscriber stats from Google Feedfetcher stats: they were offline all day yesterday, and the service should return to normal tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Did I just lose half of my subscribers?

  1. I was subscribed to your feed and a few others here at Scienceblogs but it just quit sending me stuff. So I go to the Last 24 Hours page and check that for new posts.

  2. carolyn – I know there was a problem with all the ScienceBlogs feeds some time ago, but I think that has been fixed, so it might be worth re-subscribing.
    Bora – there are small fluctuations in the count on a day-to-day basis, but this is definitely due to a problem at Google.

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