Encephalon 35

Primate Diarist Eric has just posted the 35th edition of Encephalon, the neuroscience and psychology blog carnival.

My favourite posts this time round are the Neurocritic’s examination of the purported discovery of the “neural basis for optimism“, and Jake’s description of two-photon fluorescence microscopy for in vivo imaging of neuronal activity. (There’s no link to this latter post – Eric has linked twice to Jake’s other submission, but this should be fixed soon.)

The next edition of Encephalon will be hosted by Noam at Brain in a Vat on November 19th. If you’d like to contribute, email permalinks to your neuroscience and psychology blog posts to encephalon{dot}host{at}gmail{dot}com. And if you’d like to host the carnival yourself, please get in touch.


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