Look into my eyes


Vaughan is recruiting participants for a study of the neuropsychology of hypnosis which he is involved in.

In the first stage of the research, participants will be asked to answer a series of short questionnaires and complete a short test, to determine the extent of their suggestibility (their willingness to believe and act upon the suggestions of others), which is closely related to one’s ‘hynotisablity’.

The study will be carried out at the Institute of Psychiatry in South London, and the first stage will take place on three consecutive Saturdays, beginning next weekend, on the 10th November.

I’ve just enrolled in the study myself, so I’ll be heading over to the IoP this Saturday afternoon to take part in the first stage of the study. I’m pretty sure that I’m not at all suggestible, but we’ll see…

If you’re in or around London and would like to take part in the study of the neural correlates of hypnotic and dissociative phenomena, you can contact Vaughan to enroll.