Mapping brainland


The cover of the current issue of Neuron features this brainland map, by Sam Brown, a cartographer based in New Zealand. Printed A3, A2 and A1 sized copies of the map can be purchased from Unit Seven.

…created from a reference photo of a real human brain which was used to build the 3D terrain. This digital elevation model was then used to create contour line data, relief shading and to plan where the roads and features should be placed for map compilation. Real New Zealand public domain data was then added for the surrounding islands.

I’ve just written an essay about Axon Turning Point, and will be posting it (or edited extracts from it) on here soon.

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  1. Wow-thanks for the feature. If anyone interested there are now free wallpapers up there for download and also some 3d views of the island which aren’t exactly polished but as you have said were were used to plan where features go.

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