Clothes for atheists


A Product of Evolution is an online store which “provide[s] intelligent designs for free thinking truth seekers.” The products, which include mens and women’s T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and mugs, are “inspired by…the natural beauty of evolution, science, truth and free inquiry.”

On the right is one of the garments sold at the store. The cotton T-shirt reads “God Free: all natural 100% nonreligious”. It is available in white, ash grey and light blue and costs $20.99.

[Via Travis Morgan]


8 thoughts on “Clothes for atheists

  1. I would prefer the designs on the back of the shirts so people walking behind me or people stuck in line-ups behind me can take their time reading the message.

  2. Happpy new year neurophilosophy!! you dont have a 2008 post but anyway still continue with those greats post!!!
    Best wishes for you and all the readers!!!

  3. Hi,
    I found your site via this site:
    I went looking for John’s background because it puzzled me that he had an ad for his site over in the google ad area of my gmail. (I was reading an email from Matt Furey on “visualizing”.) What had puzzled me was how John did not appear to be selling anything from his site and his Profile page was void of anything except the number of people that had attempted to find out “who John is?” (3715 views) John did have links though and yours is one of them, I assume if I follow the rest of the links Johns ad might make sense. As your site already does, do you have a hit counter?
    The reason I chose to post here was not so much non-religious as relationships, I want you all to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
    I wish I would have made a note of the person that made the comment about Atheist’s “…not so worried about there being no-Heaven… but dam sure they don’t want there to be a Hell.” Something like that. The devil is glad you all don’t think he exists, it makes his harvest more plentiful.
    Have you ever been given an assignment to write about “x”(could be anything)? After a short search you found droves and droves of information on the topic, right?
    It’s the same for Jesus Christ, if you seek HIM you will find HIM.
    Peace out,

  4. I believe that its compltely made from god given materials.
    Try to search for god existence don’t just discard the idea.
    Can you imagine your life just end like this.

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