Encephalon returns

As I mentioned recently, Alvaro has taken over as organiser of Encephalon, and he’s just posted the latest edition of the carnival, which has two dozen entries on a wide of variety of neuroscience topics. I especially like this one about the hidden neuroanatomical images in Renaissance paintings (or lack thereof).

The next edition of the carnival will be at Mind Hacks on 3rd March. If you’d like to contribute, send your links to encephalon{dot}host{at}gmail{dot}com.


2 thoughts on “Encephalon returns

  1. So I’m not a scientist, just someone interested in the armchair musings of those who are.
    Apologies for being confused, but is this the “official” blog which keeps track of where each new edition of the neuroscience carnival is being hosted? I would like to bookmark one neuroscience blog which keeps track of the carnival, so that I have an easy way to find “best of” armchair musings and/or news. The type of blog I am looking for would ideally contain a list of past carnivals as well.
    Thanks in advance!

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