Giant neural stem cells in Times Square


(Image: Kymmy Lorrain/BrainCells, Inc.)

The two winners of GE Healthcare’s 2007 IN Cell Image Competition will be going on display on the NBC screen in New York City’s Times Square at 7pm on Friday, March 7th and Saturday, March 8th.

This confocal image, which won the vote of the scientific panel of judges, shows cultured stem cells from the human neocortex. The cells are stained with antibodies for the neuronal marker Tuj1 (green), the glial cell marker GFAP (red) and DNA (blue).


One thought on “Giant neural stem cells in Times Square

  1. That’s a beautiful picture and I’m glad so many people got to see it, but…
    those “neural stem cells” have differentiated! Cortical stem cells are negative for both TuJ1 and GFAP. So, nice picture, but shame about your stem cells.
    Ha! Burn!

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