NeuroTV at UCSD


UCSD-TV, the local television station broadcast by the University of California at San Diego, has a series called Grey Matters, which is devoted to neuroscience.

To date, fifteen full-length presentations have been produced for the series, all of which are availabe online in RealPlayer at the UCSD-TV website. They can also be viewed on the UCTV YouTube Channel, along with the other programs produced (all 1,800+ of them).

The programs in the neuroscience series cover topics such as autism, aging, decision making, neural stem cells, perception, and development and evolution of the brain.


3 thoughts on “NeuroTV at UCSD

  1. Thanks for bringing our attention to this great lecture searies!
    These have not been publicized enough: even on the UCSD campus. The lectures have been good, and are primarily intended for a lay audience (from what I can tell).
    Even as a UCSD Bio grad student, I had to do some work to find these, but I’ve gotten a chance to see some of them. Grey Matters is the second in a series of (so far) three seminar series: Science Matters and Evolution Matters.

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