It’s a girl!


Isis was born at 12:12pm yesterday, weighing in at a very healthy 8lb 5oz. Mummy is exhausted after her second Caesarian section, but both are otherwise well, and will be coming home in a couple of days.

Needless to say, I’m going to be very busy over the next few days, and I’m unlikely to be spending any time at the computer. In fact, I’ll probably be blogging lightly for about the next 2 months, because I’ve also got exams coming up in May, and still have quite a bit of studying to do before then.


17 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  1. This is a belated comment because I was traveling – to make up for it I’ll shout: CONGRATULATIONS!! A baby so beautiful couldn’t possibly happen to a nicer family. I’ll be thinking of all of you, and wishing you plenty of time to enjoy her first few weeks of wonder. . !

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